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Equanimity in the Embrace of Mortality

This weekend workshop will be a space to explore, inspire and reimagine the relationship of yoga with death and encourage conversation. In addition to practical information about preparing for our own death as well as supporting others in dying, we will dive in to the topic of mortality and learn to approach this natural reality with grace and recognition of our true nature.

Friday 3/8/18 Practice for the Ultimate Savasana
We can practice dying every day with yoga. Savasana is the most important pose to practice as we embrace our mortality, as it allows us to let go and explore our nondual nature and the koshas. Discussion, savasana and Yoga Nidra practice.

Saturday 3/9/18 9-10:15am Yoga for Healthy Aging
This class will encourage equanimity through a practice for strength, flexibility, balance and agility. You will leave with an experiential understanding of how a yoga practice can improve the aging process and the embrace of mortality. Yoga and Meditation Practice (separate $15 drop-in fee)

Saturday 3/9/18 11am-1pm Reimagine the Conversation
Ninety percent of people believe that talking about their end-of-life wishes is important; yet only 27% of them have actually done so. Talking about death won’t make you die any sooner; but exploring the topic for yourself, your family and your friends will help you prepare emotionally and spiritually. Lecture/discussion/Q&A and small group workshop

Saturday 3/9/18 3pm-5pm What I Want you to Know
Taking the next step from the conversation, we will explore together what is involved in crafting an advance directive as well as the Love Legacy, or interactive memory project created for yourself or a loved one after death. Discussion/Q&A/ small group workshop and guided meditation practice

Sunday 3/10/18 10am-12pm Being with Dying
How do you hold space and support someone who is facing a terminal illness? What does physical dying look like? An overview of the signs and symptoms of dying, how to provide comfort and hold space for someone through meditation, vigil and ritual. Learn to be present for someone at their side or from afar, with your personal practice and contemplation as your framework. Lecture/Discussion/Q&A/Guided Meditation

Register by clicking HERE. Held on BainBridge Island, WA at Namaskar Studios.

Earlier Event: March 1
Yoga of Death and Dying